Cello Concerto

Mike Telin reviews the November 11, 2017, Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble's performance, which included Mr. Chandler's Cello Concerto.

If this concerto is any indication, Theophilus Chandler is a composer to watch. -Mike Telin

In​ ​ his​ ​ composer​ ​ notes,​ ​ Theophilus​ ​ Chandler..."hoped​ to​ take the important​ lessons​ of​ the Romantic​ concerto tradition and​ apply them​ to​ the​ more understated sensibilities​ of​ the​ 21st​ century." -Mike Telin

Chandler’s​ musical​ prowess​ enables​ him​ to​ write​ extended phrases​ that​ are​ not​ merely​ run-on​ sentences​ of​ technical​ wizardry​, but​ rather​ nuanced narratives​ that​ underscore​ the​ true​ meaning​ of​ virtuosity. -Mike Telin

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