Orchestra and N.J.E. Showcase Student Works

Juilliard Composers talk about their compositions.

I imagined a piece that initially acts like an ensemble piece, meaning it has mostly equal balance of importance between the members of the group, until it becomes commandeered by a more assertive, self-important entity. - Theo Chandler

Theo comments on Songs From Brooches, performed by the Juilliard Orchestra

The four movements offer the vocalists opportunities to demonstrate a wide range of technical ability; each movement highlights a specific instrument or group from the orchestra as a partner to the soloists. - Theo Chandler

Theo comments on Tragedy No. 2, performed by the New Juilliard Ensemble

I think the concerto is one of the few sacred, uncorrupted definitions of a genre that remains from common practice era, so it is an interesting element to unravel; defying the nature of the dichotomy between concerto and ensemble piece still seems meaningful to me. - Theo Chandler

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