WRUU plays Theo Chandler

Dave Lake of WRUU, Savanah, GA, has been playing some of Theo's work. Mr. Lake hosts Contemporary Classics a show of 20th and 21st Century “classical” music.

On May 16, 2017, Theo's composition "Image: Deposition" (Deposition (2013)), performed by Chartreuse was on the schedule.

WRUU broadcast 735

An audio of the Mr. Chandler's work can be found here

On May 30, 2017, Mr Lake devoted a show to the clarinet inspired by Mr. Chandler's work, "Two Recitatives for Violin and Clarinet".

Theo sent the "Two Recitatives for Violin and Clarinet" as I love to provide my listeners of Contemporary Classics the chance to hear the music of young composers. - Dave Lake

WRUU image of schedule broadcast 735

Below you can hear an excerpt of Mr. Lake's show, where he talks about Theo's work and plays "Two Recitatives for Violin and Clarinet".

WRUU can be heard nationally/internationally at wruu.org, as well as locally in Savannah at 107.5 FM. Contemporary Classics is on from 7-9pm Eastern Time on Tuesday evenings.

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