Depiction of Restlessness

2d1, 2, 2d1, 2d1 - 4, 3, 3, 1 - 2+timp - pno, hrp - str

Depiction of Restlessness is a short, fast-paced piece for orchestra. A Classical-Era sense for formal thought combines with headlong exuberance to give a concise portrayal of energetic youth.
Immediately, the brass and timpani explode with a rowdy smash of low C’s, and a more energized atmosphere ensues. For some time, the low strings provide a consistent thrust, while the violins and brass play soaring lines above. The boisterousness suddenly vanishes, revealing an ascending pizzicato line in the basses, the peak of which opens to a slick clarinet melody. The full orchestra takes part in a repeated menacing but danceable motive, dissecting it into uneven units like skips on a record. After being reprimanded by an overwhelming tam-tam, the rest of the orchestra drifts about, somewhat ashamed of its dazzling spectacle for the past four minutes. However, the brass and timpani demand a recapitulation with their repeated low C’s. In the recap, all of the previously-presented materials are rehashed with new characters: the first theme is re-orchestrated for mechanically-coordinated winds, the ascending pizzicato scale has been replaced by brash trombones, and the slick clarinet theme hangs more fragilely in the high violins and muted trumpet. Following the recurrence of the tam-tam’s tantrum is a brief coda. Much like the common pop music trope, the coda contrasts entirely with the previous material and fades as if with a volume controller.

8 minutes
December, 2015