Dinner for One

for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, Violin(2), Viola, Cello, Bass

Short Chamber Ballet in Two Scenes

Plot Synopsis (Jarrett Hoffman/Theo Chandler):

Scene I: Refrigerator

Inside the refrigerator, foods hang about, shivering, feeling bleak. The young Pudding Cup listens as beautiful Spaghetti recounts to her friends Cheeseblock and Butterstick an old tale of the outside world, cheering up the other foods, exciting them. Sour Old Milk, however, scoffs aloud, warning them of the horrors outside the fridge. He is cut off by a beautiful, mesmerizing light that streams in from the open refrigerator door. Spaghetti is hypnotized and follows the light out of the fridge. This is outstanding news for the other food in the refrigerator, who expect they too will be saved. Sour Old Milk once again warns them in his gruff way to be afraid of the outside world. But they laugh him off—that old, drunk fool. The fridge opens, and Butterstick is whisked away, followed shortly by Cheeseblock. Pudding Cup holds out hope for a while that she, too, will be chosen. Sour Old Milk tries once more, a bit desperately, truly wanting to deliver his point to Pudding Cup, but also afraid of being left alone to further sour in the fridge.  But time passes, and nothing happens. Pudding Cup slumps quietly against the wall of the fridge.

Scene II: Table

On the tabletop, Spaghetti basks in the wonder of the outside world, and Cheeseblock and Butterstick join in when they arrive. Fork arrives on the scene. The three foods are excited though slightly apprehensive at the sight of this new world’s new individual. After a convincing display of compassion from Fork, Spaghetti leads the introductions by holding out her hand. Fork stabs her, and the true nature of the cutlery is revealed. Following initial shock and panic, Cheeseblock and Butterstick soon meet their ends as well. After the killing spree, Pudding Cup, freshly saved from the refrigerator, arrives on the counter, ecstatic. Then she sees the bodies.

24 minutes
April, 2014