Electric Agitation Fanfare

2picc, 2, 2 - 4, 3, 1 - timp+2 - strings

for the New York Youth Symphony First Music Program

For the commission of Electric Agitation Fanfare, I was asked to write an exciting and compact concert opener. My goal was to compose a piece with wild energy, using only a handful of motives. I organized the piece in three sections. The salient feature of the first section is the recurring violin “fanfare”, flanked by abrupt silences. The second section focuses on quiet, muted trumpet gestures, which emerge from a light texture of scurrying upward octave leaps in the winds and strings. In the final section, I chose to round out the form by combining the motives, stacking them on top of each other. The restrained brass gestures from the second section now become blaring fanfares, while the violins play high above them, continuously, having eliminated their sporadic pauses from the opening. The result is a frenetic, tense piece worthy of its “electric” and “agitated” descriptors.

4 minutes and 30 seconds
September, 2018