Night Music

For most of the piece, the strings play a series of ostinati, unsynchronized with the pulse of the rest of the ensemble. The other instruments take turns playing duets accompanied by the strings. The piano and percussion take the first duet, characterized by excessive brutality bordering on the absurd. The winds finally appear after the piano has completely exhausted itself, and wail swooping rhapsodic lines in dialogue with each other. The piano and percussion become impatient, however, and redirect the wind duet into a full ensemble climax, aided by continually-increased agitation in the strings. After the break of the climax, the violin has suddenly freed itself from its subservient role. As a coda, the violin attempts to sing a lyrical melody, accompanied by resonant sounds in the percussion and piano. However, the previous effort has weakened the violin tremendously, and its attempt to sing results in a pained, choked line.

9 minutes
May, 2016